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Make your love for designer bikini sustainable

Buy Ethical Bikinis Online at Affordable Prices
The entire collection of bikinis of TET. Swimwear is crafted from the fishing nets and other materials recovered from the ocean. TET. Swimwear is a sustainable swimsuit label that represents a positive change. Our sustainable bikinis help you to make sweet memories in the summer at the beach with sun-kissed and salty hair. Our motto is to craft some gorgeous high quality swimwear that is committed to creating a healthy environment in the Oceans.
The reason for calling our whole collection as the sustainable bikini is that they are made up of ECONYL and repreve. It uses plastic and other waste products from the ocean and converts them into premium quality nylon fabric. Every swimsuit of TET. Swimwear offers UV protection, completely resistant to chlorine and has high shape retention capability.
All our creation is athletic, chic that is designed to fit the carefree lifestyle of a modern woman. TET. Swimwear is a brand that believes in the purpose that looking good should not come at the expense of the world we live in. So if you are looking for designer bikinis, recycled bikinis, ethical bikinis online along with great design and sustainability in the environment, then TET. Swimwear is the name for you!