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High Quality Sustainable Swimwear

The entire swimwear collection is made out of recycled plastic fibers. TET. swimwear uses Carvico and repreve to make their products. Our mission is to help to clean up our oceans and create worldwide awareness for the ocean pollution problem.
TET. swimwear stands for tete-a-tete which means in French bundeling ideas and putting heads together. We work together with strong women to make a collection for strong, ambitious women.
We have 3 different style categories within our collection; The explorer, the ultimate classic and the wild moonchild who dances under the sun.
The explorer is ready to travel and needs a reversible bikini that can be mixed and match with different kind of bottoms. Poppy stripes, summer colors are the perfect match for the explorer. For the ultimate classic we have essential one pieces is forest green with luxury golden details. For the wild moonchild we have funky stars to wear until dawn and dance under neath the starlight. Our collection is made with love and passion, we hope you enjoy the collection as much as we do.